Saxon 804 AZ3 Refractor Telescope

Saxon 804 AZ3 Refractor Telescope


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Product Description

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Compact size, highly portable, easy set up, low maintenance with top quality optics, suitable for both astronomy and land viewing – this telescope is a real winner.


The SAXON 80mm (3.1″) telescope is a two-element, air-spaced, fully multi- coated objective refractor telescope. The 80mm is a well- proven performer which gives good astronomy viewing of nebulae, bright galaxies, planets and the Moon as well as excellent terrestrial views, a great general purpose telescope.

One of the greatest assets of these solidly built telescopes is portability. The light-weight optical tubes : 3.3lbs for the 80mm, and the compressed lengths of about 480mm (18″) make them “take it with me” telescopes. Their optical tubes can be adapted to fit into an airline carry-on bag, or into a hiker’s backpack. Whether they are to be used as a beginner’s telescope, a “rich-field”, a backup, a guide scope or a travelling telescope, the very reasonable prices make them choices to seriously consider.

They are quick and easy to set up and the low- maintenance, enclosed optics come fully collimated from the factory.The optical tube assemblies are held firmly by hinged, felt-lined “tube mounting rings” which allow easy installation and optical tube rotation and balancing.

These telescopes perform well as a fixed aperture lenses for both astrophotography and terrestrial photography. The “fast” focal ratios, combined with today’s high speed films, make them useful for capturing lunar and solar eclipses as well as nature photographs. With a suitable T-adapter, a camera can be connected directly to the T-mount thread on the eyepiece holder that allows closer focussing for terrestrial photography.

*60 months limited warranty covered by SAXON*

Technical Specifications

 Optical Design :  Achromatic Refractor
 Lens Material :  n/a
 Diameter :  80mm
 Focal Length :  400mm
 Scondary Mirror Diameter :  n/a
 F/ratio :  F/5
 Highest Practical Power :  160x
 Faintest Steller Magnitude :  12.2
 Resoving Power :  1.45
 Finderscope :  6×30 Finder
 Focuser diameter :  1.25″
 Diagonal :  45 degree Star Diagonal
 Eyepiece(s) : 1.25″ Super 25mm, & 10mm
 Mount Type :  Alt-Azimuth
 Slow-motion Control :  Vertical & Horizonta
 Counterweight(s) :  n/a
 Piggyback Bracket :  Yes
 Accessory Tray :  Wall-to-wall
 Ground Board Diameter :  n/a
 Ground Board Weight(s) :  n/a
 Motor Drive :  n/a
 Go-to :  n/a
 Tube Weight :  1.05Kgs
 Tube Dimension(dia. x length) :  7cm x 48cm
 Tripod Height :  71-123cm
 Shipping Weight :  12Kgs
 Shipping Carton Dimensions :  97 x 38 x 26 cm3
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