SkyHawk 9800 Offers Several Unique, Useful Upgrades

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The SkyHawk 9800 offers several crucial improvements that upgrade the overall user experience.

It replaces the SkyHawk 9600 binoculars as a premier long-distance viewing option.

The benefits of the SkyHawk 9800 begin with the new objective lenses with Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass. This technology and the overall design dramatically improves light transmission while almost eliminating Chromatic Aberration.

The SkyHawk 9800 also uses an anti-reflective prism coating to improve its performance. You’ll notice the improved panhead fluency immediately with its aluminum design and quick-release plate to increase its overall tilting and panning experience.

If you’ve used previous models of the SkyHawk binoculars, you may have noticed that the panhead handle can start wearing out prematurely with frequent use. This issue has been successfully solved in the 9800 model creating fantastic long-distance viewing opportunities without worrying about your user habits.

The SkyHawk 9800 Provides Extraordinary Optics

The panhead of the SkyHawk 9800 may be smooth and consistent during use, but that benefit is only one of several advantages you receive with this upgraded product.

1. The design is highly mobile.

You have multi-room mobility with the SkyHawk 9800. It comes with detachable rubber wheels to ensure a safe and comfortable viewing environment.

2. You receive custom carrying cases.

The SkyHawk 9800 comes with a custom aluminum binocular case and customized cases for the wheel dolly and tripod to ensure safe journeys.

3. The binoculars are classified as being water-resistant.

Although you wouldn’t want to leave your SkyHawk 9800 binoculars outside overnight, the manufacturing process does provide a measure of weather-resistance. You can use them in almost any conditions except for direct rainfall.

If you love watching the coast, the mountains, or wildlife from a distance, the SkyHawk 9800 opens a new world of opportunities to explore. Contact us today for more information about these binoculars or to place your order.