SkyHawk 9600 Ultra High-Powered Binoculars

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In case you are a binoculars fan, you probably already heard about SkyHawk. The truth is that they only have high-quality binoculars and the SkyHawk 9600 Ultra High-Powered Binoculars are simply amazing.

If there is one thing that caught out immediate attention was the fact that they are part binoculars and part telescope. After all, they are able to bring you up to 40 times closer to what you are looking. The truth is that they have the best of both worlds – they include high-precision onboard optics that allow you to have all that magnification and, at the same time, they don’t have just one barrel as a regular telescope; they have two.

But this new SkyHawk 9600 Ultra High-Powered Binoculars model doesn’t rest here. They also include two different eye-pieces – one that offers 40x magnification and another one with 25x magnification. So, even though you can see whatever you are looking as if you were using a telescope, you’ll be a lot more comfortable since you’ll be able to use both your eyes and not just one, like when you’re using a telescope.

The truth is that the SkyHawk 9600 Ultra High-Powered Binoculars are quite different from what most people expect when they think about binoculars. These ones are pretty heavy and large. So, they decided to include a stainless steel set and a tripod. This way, you’ll be able to easily move it around outside and inside as well as it will be great to keep them steady.

In case you’re a nature lover who loves to watch butterflies, whales, birds, or any other animals, as well as the most beautiful landscapes such as mountain homes, lakesides, coastal, or deserts, you’ll be glad to know that the SkyHawk 9600 Ultra High-Powered Binoculars are angled at 45 degrees which allow you to have a comfortable view.

If you are one of the many people who love watching the moon, you’ll be amazed at the night vision these binoculars feature as well as with the incredible detail that it offers not only of the moon but of the stars and planets as well.

One of the best things about the SkyHawk 9600 Ultra High-Powered Binoculars is that they also come with an aluminum carry case. This way, you already have an easy way to take them with you anywhere you want. Plus, they also include a smartphone adapter to make sure that you can take any pictures you want. When you connect the smartphone to the binoculars, they will line up your smartphone’s camera with one of the eyepieces. So, this way, you’ll be able to take pictures and record videos of whatever you’re looking at through the lens.