Introducing The German Binocular Specialists – Steiner Binoculars

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As of today, we are proud to introduce you to one of the best binocular brands in the industry – Steiner Binoculars.

Ideal for hunting, bird watching and exploring, Steiner binoculars are one of the most robust and top-quality brands on the marketplace, used by professional hunters and army forces. Steiner is simply a brand that has the agility, ruggedness and focus to become your best new friend on your walks to the woods.

The Steiner binocular collection includes lenses with different sizes. Every model is specific when it comes to features, yet shares one thing in common with the others – the Steiner label which is known to be amongst the very few high-end binocular brands you can now shop online.

They are also the answer to the prayers of many binocular enthusiasts, military men, hunters and high-end explorers. Ever since 1947, Steiner has been the standard when it comes to innovation – and one of the very few brands that got through the tough times of economic challenges while focusing on innovation.

The most popular binocular lines from Steiner include the Predator, Merlin, Peregrine and Safari collections, each ideal for a different kind of activity. While the Predator line was designed and field-tested by experienced hunters, the Merlin line is perfect for bird watching. If you are a fan of long-distance viewing, Peregrine is the right fit for you – while the Safari line is made for the woods, beach and mountains altogether.

Amazingly fast and sharp, the Steiner binoculars are close to real magic – and that magic can be best seen through their high performance zooming and longevity. These premium game binoculars can catch even the quickest motion – and keep you happy no matter where you are or what you are aiming to see.

Check out our entire Steiner Binoculars collection here – and start shopping!